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It's back to school !

A new start, a new life, new plans. In order to make your life even easier, Tefal invites you to share your best tips & tricks that you use in your daily life with or without a Tefal product.


On your marks… ready for your tips… GO!

Always eat a good breakfast, . 
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Zoom Food
Never buy your textbooks from the school bookstore. Purchase…
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Zoom Purchasing textbooks
I always prepare everything the evening before so the mornin…
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Zoom Early Prep
Prep snack bags of lunch items in advance. It makes packing …
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Zoom Plan ahead
Every night we get our next day's clothes together, bathe & …
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Zoom Reading To My Child
Get ready for a busy tomorrow by getting a jump on the day t…
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Zoom Prep ahead
Leave your shoes by the front door, you'll track in less dir…
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Zoom Leave Shoes By The Door
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Zoom Have food ready for when they come home hungry
Ensure they have a dedicated location and time to do their s…
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Zoom Location, location, location
Put everything together the night before you go to work!
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Zoom Work
Pick out the clothes you need for the kids a week prior. Buy…
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Zoom Going back to School
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Zoom Cook something so good thT when you're told dinner...
We do a countdown calendar with mini goals each weekend unti…
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Zoom Countdown
When cutting up leafy greens such as fresh herbs or perhaps …
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Zoom Cutting leafy greens
Use app that allows notes/lists, Evernote. You can make list…
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Zoom Notes